14 October 2013

Sustainable Food Center

Mamma Jamma Beneficiary #5 - This is Why I Ride:

One of the Beneficiaries Mamma Jamma riders love raising money for is The Sustainable Food Center. They provide the only cooking and nutrition class that promotes sustainable, healthy food to promote recovery & prevent recurrence for cancer survivors. The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Allegre classes are taught in both English and Spanish by trained community-based facilitators.
The Happy Kitchen Class
According to the American Cancer Society,  at least one-third of annual cancer deaths in the U.S. are due to dietary factors.  Obesity or a high Body Mass Index is just one of the risk factors for developing breast cancer. By learning how to properly shop, cook and eat healthy foods, survivors can prevent recurrence for themselves, improve their recovery from treatment, and prevent future cases among family members who also learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre classes are 6 weeks long with 9 hours of class time. They include the Happy Kitchen Cookbook, fresh seasonal recipes and groceries from the classes so the recipes can be made again at the participant's home. The classes are offered both for free and for a fee. Free classes are grant-funded and include the food made at the workshop, recipes, and class materials. Money raised by the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride helps fund these vital workshops.

La Cocina Allegre

Your Donated $$ Put to Good Use:

$15    -  the cost of a cookbook for one survivor
$20    -  the cost of "recipe" groceries for 1 survivor, per 6 week class
$50    -  the cost of 1 instructor for 1 class
$75    -  the cost of educational materials for 1 six week class - serving 25 survivors
$165  -  the cost of a life-changing six-week course for 1 survivor. (This covers groceries to prepare the recipes at home with the rest of the survivor's family, 9 hours of instruction, multiple nutritional handouts and a cookbook.) 

Check out one of the classes:

The Happy Kitchen, a program of Sustainable Food Center from Sustainable Food Center on Vimeo.

The Sustainable Food Center 
is just one of the 10 Beneficiaries of the
THIS, is why I ride

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