21 July 2011

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

To say that our daughter Sarah loves chocolate is an understatement. For her birthday this year, I made her this cake. She took the leftovers to work and her co-workers had her call me to place orders for their birthdays!!

I first made this dessert after seeing it pictured on a cookbook by America's Test Kitchen. It soon became a family favorite.

There is nothing very difficult about the recipe, it is prepared in 3 stages. It does take some time to prepare but I promise you, it is well worth the effort!!

According to America's Test Kitchen, they wanted each layer to have a lighter texture. The bottom layer is a flourless chocolate cake, the middle layer is a chocolate mousse, and the top layer is a white chocolate mousse/whipped cream combination. You will need a 9" springform pan that has at least 3" sides.

Here's how you make it:

Start with these ingredients 
(List follows below)

18 July 2011

Biking(?) Around the Country

Okay, maybe the title is a little misleading because unlike the Tour de France, I have not actually biked around the country. (It is on my bucket list though to bike ACROSS the country some day via Womens Tours .) I took a break from blogging to drive with Mark up to Pittsburgh for the past 2 weeks. Along the way we were able to see all 3 of our daughters, 1 son-in-law and 1 soon to be son-in-law! We spent most of the time helping oldest daughter Laura & her fiance Wojtek remodel the condo they recently purchased. Much was accomplished, but more is yet to be done before they move in August. Here are a few pictures of our handiwork . . .